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George Hofsteters
The Surreal World of Flatearther

He looks ordinary – but he doesn’t see ordinary. His camera is like everyone else’s - but his pictures are far from that. He lives in the real world – but he sneaks away to visit the ‘Other’ world – and he brings things back. His subjects look unexceptional .... at first glance. When he studies something – he doesn’t see it quite the way others see it. He’s ‘at home’ by a computer as he is in a cemetery – or a toxic waste dump. His home is in Bundeena – and his heart is in Transylvania- and Liliput– and Xanadu and Eden. He’s a photographer – and a sculptor - and an illustrator – and a storyteller – and a writer – and a mechanic – an artist by anyone’s yardstick.

Once took pictures for giant corporations as well as for normal individuals – he took them for money or for art. He was as agile with a 4x5 Toyoview monorail camera in an open-cut coal mine in the La Trobe Valley as he was with a 35mm Pentax depicting conflicts in the streets of Sydney - or a wedding in Castle Hill, or a celebrity shoot at the Conservatorium of Music.

In his time he was known to criticize others – as a popular, sought-after judge on the camera club circuit – and to judge the Sydney International Exhibition of Photography – and the Royal Easter Show. His public lecture – ‘The Psychology of the Photograph’ usually fills a good community hall with eager camera & art enthusiasts. He was invited to contribute four of his best prints to the permanent collection of the Melbourne Art Gallery – they’re still there - maybe see them on your next visit.

These days, Flatearther has a gallery space in Bundeena. He teaches and creates images designed to entertain, to inspire, and sometimes, perhaps, to amuse or even unsettle. Either way, his guests are welcomed to view and to discuss and to share their love of all the arts. Visitors come to do just that. They are even able to make a purchase of their choice – or view his other archived material. He is also available as a public speaker.

Current Residence: Bundeena, Australia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: legal clothing
Print preference: mural
Favourite genre of music: Northumbrian Pipes
Favourite photographer: Bill Brandt
Favourite style of art: Surreal
Operating System: Hospital
MP3 player of choice: brown
Shell of choice: scallop
Wallpaper of choice: floral
Skin of choice: fore
Favourite cartoon character: asterix
Personal Quote: things have a tendency to be the way they are
They started calling me one about six years ago on the online debating forums. They called other people 'Trolls' too. The ones who were articulating powerful and coherent arguments in total contrast and opposition to the ones which were the official reality of the time. The ones who could handle themselves in a verbal Karate session. The ones who were by nature fair, co-operative and transparent. They would invariably be savaged and called Trolls by the combative, litigious and adversarial nit pickers who attacked in swarms and would avoid and evade a fair contest with the morals of a Latvian sewer rat . The higher your ability to stand your ground with class and style, the more shrill the invectives (just like today).

Many years ago, on the speakers' platforms in the Sydney Domain, they were also vilified with this pejorative for going against the politically correct religion of the day. 'Troll' had not been invented yet, so the terms 'troublemaker, stirrer (blasphemer) agitator (hater) and the best one 'racist' were invocations de rigeur. If you attempted to legitemately criticise anyone who was not a white European male, you were automatically dropped down the trapdoor. Dare contradict that no German could ever say anything civilised, or go widdershins (counter) that all homosexuals were the best people on the planet, you'd get a blue tattoo on your arm that branded you as the current "Untermensch" (troll) homophobe (troll) anti Semite (troll) or misogynist (troll). Substitute Troll for Critic and the ducks line up. Troll, like 'racist' is intended to silence any criticism that suits not the religious fanatics (academics, bureaucrats, educators" et al for various 'reasons' (ideologies).

You'd think that a wide platform like the internet would allow for the unthinkable - freedom to speak openly and fairly with vigour and enthusiasm and opportunity for explanation and expansion? Forget it. You get jumped on by a locust mentality who in spite of prattling on about 'freedom' will, in reality gag you with their pet invectives. You thought the Nazional Zocialists were repressive? Absolute Pre Raphaelites by comparison.

The Dark Ages were a freethinker's dream in action when placed side by side. Back then, it was the clergy who decided who would bugger whom and who would be allowed to join in on the repression of the clever and the talented. Today's clergy are around in force and more vile, conspiratorial (yes, I know bank robbers don't conspire to rob banks and that politicians don't conspire to win elections) than ever. What are these new Kommandants called? They are called "Stand Up Comics". Try making fun of or satirise (blaspheme) against the wrong comic targets and watch the gloves come off. Mel gibson was actually doing a drunken Mel Brooks routine, but was too thick to point this out to a dumb 'media' (doublethink) brigade. I refer to the Mr & Mz Penny's on the 'comedy' circuit who behave like "The Joker" .They front the "Comedy Festival" pulpits with the same authority as a column of troops marching down the side of a mountain. But we Trolls are waiting quietly behind the door. Beware the anger of the patient Troll. Let us prey.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Keep living an awesome life :D
How wonderful are you? Thanx & lotsa fun. Cheers!
sagethethird Dec 10, 2012   Traditional Artist
thanks for the fave and watch, watched back. :)
Can't wait for more outrage by the public and riots in the streets over your next amazing brainstorm. Well, at least some celebratory gunfire. Cheers!
ARTificialphanTOM Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav my friend.
absolutely deserved. Good man. Cheers!
ARTificialphanTOM Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch my friend. I found our forum conversation so much fun that I am going to watch you back.
Good man! I look forward to much banter with a fellow traveler. Have a look at a couple of other journal entries. I especially would like your take on a piece I called "Blue Tattoos". Cheers!
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